At all times you are welcome in our bar for a (whisky) flight or a drink by the glass. See our Menu for options and prices. Booking ahead is now required due to the COVID 19 restrictions. However, there is no minimum number of group participants if you select your flight from the menu. Alone or with others: all are welcome at Whisky & Gin! 

Distillation is a process involving the conversion of a liquid into vapour that is subsequently condensed back to liquid form. That is the reason the percentage of alcohol is rather high, especially when a liquid is distilled twice or three times. The basic process of distillation is in fact the same for every high percentage alcoholic beverage: cognac, grappa, rum, whisky, vodka etc. It's the raw material (wheat, rye, wine, grain, barley, potato etc.) and the type of cask finish that gives flavour, colour and character to your drink. 


How come one reads whisky as well as whiskey? Both are correct! Whiskey with the 'e' is used in Ireland and in the United States of America. The Scots and rest of the world uses whisky as it is, without 'e'. Bourbon is a typical American distillate based on corn. Aging requirement for Bourbon is at least 2 years instead of 3 as it is for whiskey. 


Genever is an old and typical Dutch product; distilled malt wine with juniper as its main ingredient. This type of berry is was distilled directly with the malt wine to improve the taste and also because it was believed juniper had healing powers. Originally, genever - like many other spirits - was drunk for medicinal purposes. 

When William III of Orange (1650-1702) ruled in England, genever became popular there as well. The English tried to imitate the spirit, but missed the right recipe to do so. Therefore they developed their own version of genever which became knows as gin. Botanicals were added, amongst them citrus. 

Gin therefore is a direct heir of our jenever; distilled malt wine. By adding the juniper berry gin gets her typical taste. Gin is seldomly drunk pure, however, aged gins are quite worth a try. The wood from the barrel takes away some of the sharpness of the juniper.


Whisky & Gin aims to bring to your attention other distillates that are definitely worthwhile trying. On our menu you will find a fine collection of Italian grappa in different stages of cask finishes. Our vodka comes from respectable Russian and Polish houses and Toutain and Chateau Breuil are the producers of our calvados selection. The absinth is categorised in the Bands & Brews department while we serve a wide range of Jenevers en Gins from Dutch and Belgian origin. Rum, Cognac, Brandy, Korenwijn, Bierbrand, Mezcal, Tequila; we believe that our menu is quite complete and gives you plenty of choice! Curious? Walk in during opening hours to have a look at our menu. We are quite sure you are going to stay to enjoy a drink in our comfortabele lounge.