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A Whisky & Gin home tasting set consists of 4 miniature bottles of 20ml each of 1 type of distillate. A tasting glass, instructions and a water dropper are included with the whisky tasting set. In case you choose a gin-tonic tasting you will receive a tasting glass and a matching premium tonic or mixer. Dried herbs will be provided as well. Home tastings can be purchased ready-to-go in our liquor store or compiled on the spot according to your wishes. Delivery within Breda is free of charge. For shipments outside Breda but within the Netherlands we charge € 3,50 and to Belgium € 6,50.

Please order by phone (076 8874868) during opening hours or define your choice at all times through the online form below. 

WHISKY - compile your perfect line up

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All sets include a tasting glass and water dropper

GIN - compile your perfect line up

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Costs € 27,50 including a tastig glass, 1 tonic and dried herbs.


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Costs € 27,50 including tasting glass


Within Breda you can pay contactless upon delivery. If you reside outside Breda then please transfer the tasting price and the applicable fee for shipment (€ 3,50 or € 6,50) into account number NL04RABO0343545950 to the attention of Mol & Van Kollenburg VOF / Whisky & Gin Distillatenlounge. Please state your name and mobile phone number in the transfer description for identification. Your home tasting including instructions will be shipped right away.