Groups & Tastings

Looking for a great activity with a group of friends, colleagues, relatives or as an informal gathering with board members? Book a WHISKY TASTING! Groups are welcome for an extensive tasting session according to choice. This does not have to be necessarily whisky; all distillates are possible such as gin-tonic, rum, grappa, cognac etc.

A tasting session takes about 2 hours. After some theory on the distillation process and history and facts about the chosen drinks, we will serve 6 drams of 15ml. Each drink is accompanied by a little snack that matches your drink. You can take notes on your experiences and of course you can elaborately discuss your tasting experience with your fellow group members. These tasting sessions are NOT RESTRICTED TO OPENING HOURS so feel free to contact us for a tasting session at a timeslot that is most convenient to you.

Once a month on Wednesday evening Whisky & Gin organises public tastings to which you can participate individually or with friends, family, colleagues etc. After introduction on that night's theme and theory on the process of distillation we will taste 6 drams and complementary snacks. Please check our Calendar for an up to date overview and register through the Booking form or through sending an email to

Costs Whisky tasting:

fine distillates for starters or drinkers who prefer an accessible and predictable glass
the more expensive bottles for intermediate and curious drinkers
exclusive bottlings and limited editions for experienced drinkers in seek of a challenge

Costs other tastings:

Other distillates EUR 32,50
Such as: gin / gin-tonic / rum / vodka / grappa / Cognac / jenever / Armagnac / calvados / mix / 

Theme based EUR 32,50
Such as: Lowlands (Netherlands and Belgium / New World / USA / Ireland / Scotland / Cask strength / Peated only / Chocolate match

The above mentioned prices for other distillates and themed tastings are based on serving you a variety of accessible bottlings. Of course it is possible to enjoy a special selection or to experience the more aged bottlings. Please contact us to discuss your whishes so we can send you a customized offer.

Whisky Brunch

From 2 persons you can book a Whisky Brunch with us on weekend days. You will be served whiskycake, small sandwiches with whisky cheese, whisky sausage and croissants with spreadable whisky. And of course our bourbon whisky crisps to accompany! For whisky we will serve you a fruity one as a starter, then a whisky coffee according to choice (Irish, Scottish or Bourbon) and a rich whisky to finish. Served with whisky chocolate of course! Furthermore there will be Scottish sparkling + still whisky water and fruit on your menu. Costs are EUR 37,50 pp.